Serving Queens, Shelburne and Lunenburg counties, Nova Scotia, Canada

Additional items now available for rent

Insulated blakets and portable heaters for portable toilets - making your "visit" more comfortable during our NS winters.

Lift apparatus for construction and reno sites

And Hand Washing Sink - for large gatherings


Portable Toilets

Our portable toilets are available for rent in most locations within Lunenburg, Queens and Shelburn.

Each unit is stocked with toilet paper, tank deodorizer and hand sanitizer.

Choose from four types of toilets:

  • wheelchair accessible
  • white wedding restroom
  • regular portable toilet with urinal
  • regular portable toilet with sink
  • or consider the heated portable toilet: features insulated blanket and heating fan

We will deliver, setup the units where you request. While on site, we maintain the toilets to ensure they are clean and well-stocked. Finally, as scheduled, we remove the units from your site.

Rent a single unit or several units for a larger gathering. For large groups, we recommend one toilet for every 20 persons in attendance, and at least one wheel chair accessible unit.

Hand Washing Sinks

Call us about our portable, on site, hand washing sink. Ready to be delivered to your site. Be proactive, and enable good hand hygiene for everyone.

  • Winchester Portable Toilets at the Acker Wedding, Upper Ohio, Shelburne County
    Dress us up and take us anywhere ... “the VIP lounge” at the Acker wedding, Upper Ohio, Shelburne County.
  • Heated Portable toilet - ready for winter conditions
    NEW: Heated portable toilet - for cold-weather comfort.
  • Portable toilets - regular, wheelchair, and wedding toilet rental
    Portable toilets - rent one or many for a large group.
  • Hand cleaning sink in portable toilet
    View of hand cleaning sink in portable toilet
  • Interior of portable toilet
    View of interior of portable toilet
  • Stand alone portable hand washing sink
    Free-standing portable hand washing sink

CLEAN Portable Toilets

We pride ourselves in supplying portable toilets that meet the highest standard of cleanliness.

Before we deliver any unit, it is thoroughly washed and sanitized. While located on your site, the toilets are monitored regularly for cleanliness and restocked with toilet paper, tank deodorizer and hand sanitizer.

You can have confidence that using our toilets will be a pleasant experience.

Portable toilets can meet your needs when holding gatherings such as:

  • Weddings
  • Individual rentals
  • Sporting events
  • Job sites
  • Private organizations
  • Corporate events
  • Concerts
  • Garden Parties
  • Exhibitions
  • Golf Tournaments
  • Charity events
  • Fundraisers
  • Fishing Tournaments

Hand Wash Sink

For outdoor events such as BBQs, lobster boils, and community suppers, additional hand-washing facilties may be required.

We can supply stand alone hand wash sinks. These sinks contain a water storage tank, hand sanitizer, and paper towel. The unit is self contained and does not require a power outlet.

Other Types of Services


We accept Visa, MasterCard and e-transfers.

Harmony Bazaar, Lockeport - rents portable toilets from Winchester for their weekend celebration.

Harmony Bazaar, Lockeport, Nova Scotia

Every year, Winchester portable toilets provide a much needed service for the Harmony Bazaar weekend celebrations.

Winchester truck to clean and maintain portable toilets on site

Portable Toilet Maintenance

Our truck for keeping rented portable toilets super-clean.


Contact us to rent portable toilets

Book early to avoid disappointment.

We rented 3 Portable Toilets for our Daughter’s Wedding. They were delivered to 2 separate locations for the Ceremony and reception. We were very pleased with Winchester Disposal, Everything was Awesome!!! Exceptionally Clean toilets and Exceptional Service.
Christine Sarty

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